Olive Harvest. Gaza Strip 2013

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip harvest the olive during the month of October. A couple of years ago an important number of land were planted with olives trees that were compleatly destroyed by the Israeli bulldozers preventing the Palestinians to plant them again in the so called “green line”. Nowadays the olive oil industry is just a part of a small economy wich it is also prevented the exportation of this olive oil as a consecuence of the more than 7 years of the Zionist blockade.


13th Anniversary II Intifada

The 27 September 2013 Palestinians marched to conmemorate the anniversary of the II Intifada. Palestinians gathered in the so called “buffer zone” to protest against the Zionist occupation that currently last for already 65 years. The Israeli Ocupation Forces attack the Palestinians demonstrators shooting tear gas canisters when they were throwing stones.

Gaza: The economy under the siege

Khalil S. Shaheen, Head of the Economic Unit at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, talks about the Gaza economy under the siege, how the occupation and the siege affect directly the economy, and therefore the development of the oppressed Palestinian people, denying them the right to develop and have normal lives as human beings.

Gaza in Shadows

I tried to collect some pictures offering a glimpse of the situation in the Gaza Strip, a closed, besieged place put under a blockade by the Israeli Zionist state.

Despite the everyday misery and difficulty, people carry on with their lives and try to do their best in order to survive in such an open-air jail, without losing the hope of finishing sooner, rather than later, with such a heartless situation.

The images were taken with my mobilephone as I don’t have a proper camera.


He intentado elegir algunas fotografías para explicar brevemente la situación de la Franja de Gaza, un lugar cerrado, sitiado y bloqueado por el Estado sionista israelí.

A pesar de la miseria y las dificultades del día a día, la gente continúa con sus vidas, haciendo todo lo possible para sobrevivir en esta càrcel al aire libre, sin perder la esperanza de acabar, en un futuro cercano, con esta situación inhumana.

Las fotos fueron tomadas con un teléfono móvil a falta de una cámara de fotos.

Gaza Ark Project 2013

Charlie Andreasson, a member of Ship to Gaza Sweden, explains the new Gaza Ark project of this year 2013. The several unsucceded attempted to break the siege on Gaza, imposed by the israelis, from the outside to the inside made the activists think about this project wich is based in breaking the siege from the inside to the outside. We wish all the best in this time. Free Palestine!